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Vintage carmaker Lohner jumps into the ebike market with a stylish design

As more and more players enter the ebike market, it is getting harder for newcomers to carve a niche for themselves. But vintage car brand Lohner has found a way to stand out from the crowd by bringing its retro design sensibility to a new electric bike, giving it a unique look to go along with its high-tech components.

Dubbed the Stroler, the bike has a decidedly retro look that resembles vintage motorcycles from the 1920s or 30s. In fact, unlike most other ebikes, the Stroler has a seat built for two, allowing owners to bring a friend along for the ride. Lohner says that the bike is capable of carrying up 330 pounds of weight, which includes any cargo stashed in its built-in eight-liter storage compartment.

A throttle mounted on the Stroler’s handlebars allows the bike to quickly accelerate up to 3.7 miles per hour, lending a bit of extra assistance when starting from a dead stop. The pedal assist boosts that velocity as high as 15.5 mph, however, which is slower than most other ebikes on the market but it is still a decent level of speed for urban commuters, which is the market that this bike is targeting.

The Stroler is a fairly hefty model, even by ebike standards. Lohner lists the weight at a substantial 76 pounds, which is likely due in part to its retro design and heavy frame that was built to accommodate two riders. That extra weight coupled with a relatively low level of pedal assist likely makes the bike less agile, although that is less of an issue for commuters than, say, road cyclists and mountain bikers.

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